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Welcome to American Medical Innovations
..shifting the paradigm in Orthopedics.

Products & Services

Custom Elbow Implants

By designing the implant to the bone instead of cutting the bone to fit off the shelf implants, less bone is destroyed during the initial procedure. Using traditional implants, bone must be cut out in order to make room for the standard sized implant.

DICOM-to-STL Conversion

Convert MRI/CT Scan data into 3D models through our web interface. By simply uploading your DICOM files, we allow a multitude of STL conversion methods to suite your needs. We offer the following conversions: Direct, Selection-oriented, and Custom.

3D Printed Models

AMI will print almost any anatomical model you may need for surgical prep, training, or patient evaluation. 3D models provide a unique tool in discussing treatment options with patients, and provide a tangible way of explaining complicated surgical procedures.

Ultra-fast Delivery

With expedited turnaround times, we are able to deliver faster than any of the big names in the industry. By utilizing cutting-edge production methods, efficient logistics, and the fastest delivery mediums, AMI gets you what you need faster than anyone else.


We don't just provide the implant; we work with our surgeons to determine the best approach for each patient under their care. By working with medical professionals, we are able to provide a truly patient-specific solution in every situation.

Surgical Simulation

Transform medical image data of any patient into a 3D anatomical/skeletal model via our specialized software. Simulate osteotomies and try out different surgical approaches beforehand so you can choose the best method for your patient.

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