capture your night

Available for iOS and Android


NiteOwl is the future of image-sharing

Party with your friends, capture the experiences, leave the sharing to us

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    Only the friends you party with will ever see the photos you take

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    Quickly and easily form parties with your desired friends within seconds

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    Built on the cloud, with only the most secure data transmission methods

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    Enjoy our care-free image sharing experience and start having fun today

your night

Share experiences with friends in a totally new way

Group-based photo sharing
to and from the cloud

With NiteOwl, you never have to worry about your photos getting to Facebook or Instagram for all to see; they remain only viewable by those with you in your NiteOwl party.

Stop worrying and start remembering with NiteOwl.

Packed with amazing features

  • Reliable and Secure Platform
  • Your photos are automaticaly organized
  • All of your photos/data is kept safe, private, and secure
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App Store and Play Store

NiteOwl was designed ground-up to be a cross-platform app with a seamless user experience no matter which device you have. Our skilled engineers have 'hand-built' native code for both iOS and Android, giving you the power to share from anywhere.

See NiteOwl in action..

Check out our homemade NiteOwl video, showing you the kind of night our app will allow you to capture forever and share worry-free.

NiteOwl provides you with the security and privacy that Facebook and Instagram fail to achieve with their entirely public nature.

How NiteOwl works

  • Create a NiteOwl party

    Invite the friends you want involed with ease

  • Share the pictures you take

    With just the people in the party, in real-time

  • Look back anytime

    We safely store your party pictures in the cloud for you to view whenever you want


The best way to share photos privately

since day one — Nov 1, 2014

  • Design

    NiteOwl's look-and-feel has been perfected and fine-tuned into a sleek, easy-to-use user interface

  • Multi-Device

    Use NiteOwl on your Android phone, iPhone, or any tablet..we covered it all

  • Safe and Secure

    Our cloud back-end keeps your photos safe with the latest security technology

  • Party care-free

    With NiteOwl, you never have to worry about your photos becoming fully public

  • Anywhere on Earth

    The world is your oyster, and NiteOwl is by your side no matter where you go

  • Optimized to Perform

    Our engineers have designed unique, native codebases for both Android and iOS

iOS Screenshots

See what NiteOwl looks like on an actual iPhone 6

Team behind NiteOwl

Our skilled team of engineers, designers, and promoters have put their heart and soul into this app

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Orlando, FL | USA

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